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Don't become a victim

There are more than 80,000 students in Manchester, 1 in 10 of those students will become a victim of crime.

The vast majority of people have a fun safe night out without any problems.  To help make sure you do:

• Eat a meal before a night out to avoid getting drunk too quickly

• Pace your drinks and drink water between alcoholic drinks - bars and pubs now have to provide free tap water to anyone who asks for it

• Drink lower strength lagers, which can reduce alcohol consumption by 20 per cent over a night out

• If you feel too drunk, switch to soft drinks for a while

• Don't leave drinks unattended or accept drinks from strangers, as they could get spiked or be tampered with

• Walk away from trouble; it's not worth it.  Be polite. If you accidentally spill someone's drink or bang in to them then apologise or if a friend starts becoming aggressive, calm them down and encourage them to sober up with a few soft drinks

• Stay with your friends - go into town together and leave together. Try not to wander off from your friends without letting anyone know where you are going and arrange a meeting point in case you become separated

• Make sure you and your friends have each others mobile numbers so that you can keep in contact and all get home safely

• Plan how you are going to get home before a night out

• Avoid walking home alone.  If you have no other choice, face ongoing traffic where you can be seen as this will avoid the surprise of a vehicle approaching from behind.   Avoid shortcuts, alleyways and deserted areas like car parks.  If you feel as though you may be in danger, cross over the road a few times, knock on a door or walk to the nearest shop or garage

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