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Rethinking Radicalisation - Manchester's Community Dialogue Programme

As a city we recognise that local, national and international events and incidents have an impact on our diverse communities but also on our engagement with local communities on the wider issues related to Prevent. Community engagement has been one of the key areas of priority for Manchester over the last 18 months. We understand and support the need to facilitate and provide safe spaces and opportunities for people to come together to have dialogue on difficult and controversial issues. The start of the community engagement process in Manchester took place in April 2014, in form of a 'Prevent – the Big Questions' community dialogue event which included a panel of senior representatives from across key public institutions and community sector representatives. This event was attended by 85 community representatives who were from a diverse background. A number of challenging questions were posed to the panellists by communities at the event which led to honest dialogue and discussion. The event also identified a number of potential areas of challenge associated with national policy and the delivery of Prevent to date across the country along with the need to focus on all forms of extremism; engaging beyond Muslim communities. The event generated a lot of interest and an overwhelming level of support from communities to help the council and GMP on this challenging area of national policy. This event was seen as the beginning of a conversation.

From this event, a 'Rethinking Radicalisation' Community Dialogue Programme was developed in partnership with the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace. This included the delivery of a round table discussion to inform the development of the programme, along with three community workshops, a young people's event and two action planning sessions. The findings of the Rethinking Radicalisation programme have been documented in a report produced independently by the Foundation for Peace.

Read the Rethinking Radicalisation Report

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