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Counter Extremism Strategy

The Government launched its strategy to counter extremism in October 2015

The strategy sets out four key areas of activity to tackle extremism:

  1. Countering extremist ideology – confronting and challenging extremist propaganda, ensuring no space goes uncontested including online; promoting a better alternative; and supporting those at risk of radicalisation.
  2. Building a partnership with all those opposed to extremism – standing with and building the capacity of mainstream individuals, community organisations and others who work every day to challenge extremists and protect vulnerable individuals.
  3. Disrupting extremists – creating new targeted powers, flexible enough to cover the full range of extremist behaviour including where extremists sow division in communities and seek to undermine the rule of law.
  4. Building more cohesive communities – reviewing, understanding and addressing the reasons why some people living in Britain do not identify with British values.
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