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Manchester Night Heroes

About us

Manchester’s Night Heroes are three dedicated and trained groups of volunteers based in the city centre, who are committed to ensuring that your night out is as safe and secure as possible. Working in conjunction with the emergency services, our volunteers are there to help people who are distressed due to a variety of reasons, be it alcohol or drugs, lost possessions, lost friends and even a flat mobile battery!

The three city centre groups are – LGBT Foundation Village Angels, Village Haven (based in the Beacon on Bloom Street) and Street Pastors based in Piccadilly and the Printworks. If you’re 18 or over and you’d like to know more about the fantastic work they do, and to enquire about joining a group and becoming a Night Hero (full training is included), click the group’s logos below.

As well as the city centre groups, there is also a trained group of volunteers based in the Manchester Royal Infirmary called ‘Safe Space’, who work alongside the Emergency Department Team.

They are there to offer support to patients, relatives and carers, particularly those suffering from poor mental health, domestic abuse, intoxication and bereavement. Through offering an additional layer of support they aim to enhance the overall experience of both patients and staff. To learn more and to enquire about how to join this amazing team email or telephone 0161 276 5190.

These are our Heroes

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