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Manchester's RADEQUAL Campaign and grant programme was launched in September 2016 to build community resilience and empower and enable voluntary and community sector organisations and communities to come together to challenge hate, prejudice and extremism.

The RADEQUAL Campaign and grant programme were co designed between communities, Manchester City Council, Greater Manchester Police and The Foundation for Peace through the Rethinking Radicalisation programme in Manchester. The Campaign has led to the delivery of a number of activities through the voluntary and community sector during January to March of this year and the development of the Manchester RADEQUAL Community Network, which continues to meet to drive the campaign forward across communities and the city.

Since the terrorist attack at the Manchester Arena on 22 May and the attacks at London Bridge and Finsbury Park, Manchester and all its communities have come together and remained united. This has been evident across the country and noted by many. We recognise that this is not something that has happened overnight. The work that has taken place over many years and the relationships with and between our communities have been built over time and have played an important role in enabling people to come forward and reassure one another and those who might be feeling vulnerable or finding it difficult to come to terms with the events that have taken place.

We recognise communities provide support to help keep neighbourhoods strong, united and safe. This has been particularly evident when groups have attempted to come into Greater Manchester and exploit the attacks and try to create hate and division. Communities have been there to support one another and come together

Manchester is a diverse, friendly and welcoming place that dares to be different, with a defining ‘can do’ attitude that celebrates our strong sense of community spirit and what we have in common.

We are proud of our city, its history and the values we share as Mancunians. Manchester has always been a place where people from all backgrounds and faiths can call home. Mancunians have always been the first to call out injustice, stand in solidarity and champion equality and tolerance with a shared belief that together we are stronger.

Manchester needs your help to contribute towards the recovery of the city and its communities in response to the Arena attack and therefore the priorities for the RADEQUAL Grant for 2017/18 have been identified based on this and discussions through the RADEQUAL Community Network.

The RADEQUAL Campaign describes the following three principles:


Identify and understand the concerns and challenges across and within communities that could create divisions and tensions (hate, prejudice and extremism):

o not just the stats and research, but also the less obvious causes of tension and the attitudes and behaviours that people believe and express that have the potential to lead to conflict or division


Connecting communities, groups and organisations and building relationships to a create network of credible voices:

o not just newcomers but also longstanding residents, coming together, making neighbourhoods and communities stronger. Not just face-to-face but online and via social media too.


Championing Manchester's radical reputation for campaigning for equality and inclusion and welcoming difference:

o not just by focusing on what we have in common, but by building people up to have the difficult debates and ask the tough questions that help us to find better alternatives and the right support and advice.

We encourage all our voluntary and community sector groups in Manchester to join other Mancunians from across the city and from all walks of life to help identify and tackle the challenges around prejudice, hate and extremism in Manchester, particularly after the devastating attack at the Manchester Arena.

Please check back in 2018 for future opportunities 

RADEQUAL GRANT 2017 / 18 (September 2017 - March 2018) 

Grant’s of up to £2000 are now available for groups and organisations wishing to develop activities that promote and deliver the RADEQUAL principles and Grant priorities. The activities will need to be delivered between September 2017 and March 2018.

You can download the application form and supporting document HERE

For further information contact Gemma Walsh on 0161 234 3923 or Email:

Please note CLOSING DATE for applications is 31 JULY 2017

RADEQUAL Community Network 

The next RADEQUAL Community Network Workshop will take place on:

DATE: Mon 26 February 2018

TIME: 6:00 pm -  8:00 pm

VENUE:  Chancellors Hotel & Conference Centre, Chancellors Way, Moseley Road, Fallowfield, Manchester M14 6NN

To book a place or for further information call Gemma Walsh on 0161 234 3923 or email

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