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RADEQUAL is Manchester 's campaign to build community resilience and empower and enable organisations and communities to come together to challenge hate, prejudice and extremism.

The RADEQUAL programme has been developed with and for communities over the last two years through the Rethinking Radicalisation and Radical Dialogue programmes but also continued community engagement.  The RADEQUAL principles and grant programme aim to empower and enable communities to come together and address the concerns and challenges identified by themselves in their neighbourhoods

The challenges we face today are far too complex for laws and powers to provide the sole solutions.  We recognise that there are a range of factors that come together and play out in our communities and neighbourhoods, which if tackled earlier would improve the lives of our residents and increase opportunities for people to contribute towards how we build a safer and more resilient Manchester . 

RADEQUAL is aimed at getting into communities and neighbourhoods early, having honest and often difficult conversations and then problem solving to proactively work together to prevent some of the drivers escalating into community tensions, conflict and in some cases criminal activity.

Manchester needs your help to promote and deliver the three RADEQUAL principles:


Identify and understand the concerns and challenges across and within communities that could create divisions and tensions (hate, prejudice and extremism):

not just the stats and research, but also the less obvious causes of tension and the attitudes and behaviours that people believe and express that have the potential to lead to conflict or division


Connecting communities, groups and organisations and building relationships to a create network of credible voices:

not just newcomers but also longstanding residents, coming together, making neighbourhoods and communities stronger. Not just face-to-face but online and via social media too.


Championing Manchester 's radical reputation for campaigning for equality and inclusion and welcoming difference:

not just by focusing on what we have in common, but by building people up to have the difficult debates and ask the tough questions that help us to find better alternatives and the right support and advice

Join Mancunians from across the city and from all walks of life to tackle these challenges and make a difference.



Grants of up to £2,000 are available for groups and organisations wishing to develop activities that promote and deliver the RADEQUAL principles and grant priorities. The activities will need to be delivered between September 2017 - March 2018

We are currently working with communities through the RADEQUAL Community Network to refresh the criteria for the RADEQUAL grant programme and the NEW application form will be available to download here in JULY 2017 


Manchester launched the RADEQUAL Campaign and Grant programme in September 2016. The campaign aims to build community resilience and empower and enable organisations and communities to come together to identify challenges, connect with one another and champion activities to build resilience in the city

The introductory RADEQUAL workshop took place on 2 March 2017 and provided participants with the opportunity to meet new people and use creative writing to think radically

Sam Illingworth from Manchester Metropolitan University who is working with us on the RADEQUAL campaign created the Manchester RADEQUAL Poem and shared it at the workshop. Click here to read Manchester's RADEQUAL poem

Following the success of the first RADEQUAL workshop we have planned a second workshop which will aim to identify the community resilience challenges in Manchester. Please come along and join the campaign!

DATE: Monday 22 May 2017

TIME: 6.00 pm - 8.00 pm

VENUE: National Cycling Centre, Manchester Velodrome, Stuart Street, M11 4DQ

To book a place or for further information call Gemma Walsh on 0161 234 3923 or email by 11 May 2017

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